Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Trip to Springfield, VT for a metal scraping seminar

I went to a 4 day seminar on metal scraping last week. This was all organized through the practical machinist message board. This process is exactly what it sounds like, you scrape metal. The amazing thing is that HAND scraping can create a truly flat surface that is not possible with MOST machines. In fact it the first machines had to be hand scraped to be accurate enough to produce more machines. I plan using this scraping techniques to recondition my Bridgeport mill. The estimate to do this by machine was 6k to 8 k!!! That's about 6 to 8 times what the machine cost.
Driving up route 7 / 11 from Albany looking at the top of Bromley. As I was driving through "the middle of nowhere" I was wondering how Springfield Vermont became a precision machine center, then I saw the river :)

They certainley had no fear of the bedrock washing away!

Scraping pictures to come...