Monday, October 02, 2006

Autobody practice.

A little practice on some 20 gauge. The top weld was done in a continuous(sortof) bead with 3/32 tungsten, 3/32 filler.UGLY. I also realized I had the starting amperage too high. It wasn't even starting the arc until 50 amps which would blow a hole( pin head) through the steel. This was mainly because I ground off the paint which took too much metal off, so it was way to thin. The barrel was really distorted too.

The lower one was stiched in smaller sections with 1/16th tungsten and filler, I used a wire brush to remove the paint, and set starting amperage to 5 amps. I kept alternating side to side to keep the metal as cool as possible. Still not great, but complete penetration.
(The circles are dime sized)