Thursday, October 13, 2005


OK, did a little more work on the table. The garage floor is anything but level, and I realized I needed some of those twisty furniture legs ( otherwise known as threaded tube ends.) After spending an hour looking for the tube ends I suddenly remebered something... I HAVE A WELDER! So, I cut some end plates...
Welded on a couple of nuts...
Which completeley gunked up the threads...
So, I tapped them back out...
Screwed in a thingy bolt that I found wandering around ACE. (use the local guys whenever possible)
And voila!.. It won't hold up too much weight, but it should be OK for what I need.

Monday, October 10, 2005

First Project, a welding table

OK, finally a real project. My first thought was to create forks for my backhoe, but I thought I better create a welding cart first, but I quickly realized I needed to create a table to build that on, but... The garage was a mess! So, garage cleaned, I was finally able to start project #1...

Parts is Parts..
Laying out the first joint, which did burn the workmate, hence the need for a steel table :-)
Basic table
A simple seem without using any filler material.
My first corner of the top, boy did this one suck. Good project to learn on though.
The last corner. Much better but much more practice needed.

Leg supports added...
Once again the first weld sucked.
The last one was much better.

Shelf added...Lets see ya do this with a MIG :-)

TODO's : Wheels, a pull handle, and some holders for cables and TIG torch.